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How Much Does A House Removal Cost?

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If you’re looking for house removals, then we can help. Moving house can be stressful and exciting at the same time. To make your life a little less hectic, it may be worth hiring the professionals. How much that costs depends on a few important questions.

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How Much Do You Have To Move?

The quotations for house removals are usually based on the size of your home. Each situation is different, and a more accurate value can be given with specifics. Whether you have a 2 bedroom or a 5 bedroom home, the price varies on the size of the job. If you have particularly large or difficult furniture, this may also impact moving fees. During a quotation, be sure to mention any bits that may delay a move.

Top Tip For House Removals

Before moving, take time to go through everything you own and start to declutter. Getting rid of stuff that you don’t need can help reduce costs for moving. If there’s any furniture like sofas or beds that you know won’t be going in the new home, make sure you get rid of it. If you manage to sell them, you could end up with a little extra cash in your pocket too!

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How Far Are You Moving Away?

This distance all your stuff needs to be transported is also part of the cost for house removals. The further away your new home is from your current property will impact the price. This is to accommodate the need for more fuel and worker’s time. At Fast Track Removals & logistics, we can help you move anywhere in the UK or even across Europe. If you are embarking on a bigger move, then removal costs are likely to be higher.

Do You Require Packing Services?

The cost for house removals further depends on what you require. If you want professionals to also pack up your belongings, the price will be a little bit more. Efficiently boxing up bits and bobs and wrapping items in bubble wrap can sometimes be an awkward task. Be prepared that these extra services will be more money. However, it’s worth every penny to prevent damage to delicate, high value items such as antiques and instruments.

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